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SIT Digital has complete expertise of Radio Network and has more than 20 years of experience with different broadband operators around the globe. We at SIT Digital provides different solutions relative to your adopted system. As world is moving to wireless in literally everything, SIT Digital believes to lead the market with its profession and qualified team by cost effective and efficient solutions. SIT Digital's dedicated team that specialise in wireless and RF technologies with the very latest software and equipment to perform all wireless surveys and reporting, installation and support.

Conducting a wireless survey is essential to correctly implement a Wi-Fi network with perfect coverage and can save a business both time and money in the long term. A professional wireless survey may also be required to check an existing RF network for fault errors or interference, to enable a new network upgrade or for new developments and refurbishments.

Once surveys are completed, comprehensive RF reports are produced by us detailing the exact locations of wireless access points with full recommendations. SIT Digital can install the required cabling, passive and active networking hardware as required to meet your specific requirements, providing a full turnkey wireless solution.

Our wireless site surveys include passive, active, and predictive surveys.

Passive Surveys

During a passive survey, a site survey application passively listens to WLAN traffic to detect active access points, measure signal strength and noise level.

However, the wireless adapter being used for a survey is not associated to any WLANs.

Active Surveys

During an active survey, the wireless adapter is associated with one or several access points to measure round-trip time, throughput rates, packet loss, and retransmissions.

Active surveys are used to troubleshoot wireless networks or to verify performance post-deployment.

Predictive Surveys

During a predictive survey, a model of the RF environment is created using simulation tools. The value of a predictive survey as a design tool versus a passive survey done with only a few access points is that modelled interference can be taken into account in the design.

Structured Cabling and Containment Surveys

In order to successfully operate a wireless device over the network without error, you will need sufficient data cabling in line with industry standards and dependent on environment. This data cabling may also need containment installing to protect and manage new cabling infrastructure.

SIT Digital is able to survey and provide recommendations on containment or structured cabling requirements either independently or in conjunction with physical RF surveys that are carried out. Our reports detail all elements of the survey data with full installation recommendations.

Wireless Deployment , Commissioning and Support

Once a completed design is approved SIT Digital can assist with a full deployment of your wireless infrastructure, installing the required cabling infrastructure and fitting the chosen wireless access points in the recommended locations.

We can further configure and commission your wireless network, providing the correct level of support for your business to manage your wireless network during both the implementation phase of your project and on-going.

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