In-Building Solution

SIT Digital provides cost effective solution for better connectivity of building inside. There are diffident techniques approached by SIT Digital team for an effective network to each and every corner of the building.

In-Building Breakout Solution

The method based on the breakout distribution cables resembles that known from cable TV distribution systems. The cables are run from the optical distribution frame located in the bottom of the building to all or selected floors, where they are connected to subscribers cables terminated with outlets. The number of fibers in each cable is the same as the number of outlets on the corresponding floor. The cable on a given floor enters the distribution box where the fibers are spliced with the fibers of the subscriber cables. The fibers of the subscriber cables should be characterized by reduced bending radius.

In-Building Micro Tube Solution

The second technique is especially useful in the case when the number of subscribers / outlets is not known in advance.

Cabling system based on micro-tubes or micro ducts consists of specially designed packages of small flexible tubes. Each single tube is provided to to the potential subscriber. It is also possible to connect individual packets of horizontal tubes in the duct using special connectors. Commercially available solutions offer a number of opportunities in the selection of the structure both of the packages and individual micro-tubes. They can vary in shape, dimensions, flexibility and color.