FTTX Solution

SIT Digital is leading Telecom market with its cost effective and network efficient solutions. We ensure quality products and services provided by our highly qualified and professional team.

Optimized Fiber-To-The-x (FTTx), in which one can refer to various subscriber locations (such as homes, apartments, businesses, and cell sites), is more important than ever as demand for high-speed broadband internet access and wireless service steadily rises. As Smart Cities and Smart Power grids are deployed , SIT DIGITAL FTTX Solutions help connect the Internet of Things (IoT) required to enable these advanced systems cost effectively within new and existing right of ways. At OFS, we provide FTTx solutions that enable reliable triple play (video, voice, and data), as well as quad play (which includes mobility services).

Our FTTx MDU/SFU Solutions describe product lines that make up pre-configured solutions including optical fiber cabling and connectivity to serve different installation environments.

SIT Digital make sure the availability of all the products include in this solution from OLT to ODB, including all structures, enclosures, fiber cables, splitters and accessories.

From the Head End/Central Office to the Home, Business or Multiple Dwelling Unit, our solutions help increase return on investments in Fiber-To-The-Subscriber (FTTx) networks. SIT Digital offers the FTTx Solution Offering, a comprehensive solution that helps service providers achieve maximum performance and reliability for deployments in a broad range of environments, including those previously hard to reach.