Corporate User Management Solutions

Buy Microsoft O365 through us and get added benefits for free...

Microsoft Office 365 Plan 1

  • Cost to cost procurement from Microsoft with no extra charges

    • 50GB email storage per user

    • 1TB Onedrive/Sharepoint space allocation per user

    • Microsoft Teams and other 19 applications enabled

  • Free installation of O365 licenses and domain binding.

  • Free support from SIT Digital for O365 operations, configurations and maintenance

  • Free user admin and related support

  • Basic level support to host SEO enabled website on google cloud free of cost.

  • Applicable only for bulk purchase with minimum 100 users

  • Terms & Conditions Applied

Remote Desktop Solution for Corporate Office

Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP)

  • Microsoft RDP 50 CALs

  • Multi Point Services, Remote monitoring

  • Firewalls, IT security for RDP

  • Remote Applications Configurations

  • Group policy configuration

  • RDP Operations and Maintenance

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