Project Initiation and Management Support Use Cases

As-Built Documentation

  • As-Built Documents Standardization

  • As-Built GIS Schema Definition

  • As-Built Data QC & Acceptance

  • As-Built Data Posting in GIS

  • Fiber As-Built update in GIS

Exporting & Reporting

  • Survey Reports in PDF

  • Heatmaps (KMZ or PDF)

  • Network Coverage Map in KMZ and PDF Export

ISP Survey

  • ISP Survey Readiness

  • ISP Survey back support & Admin

  • ISP Survey Data Compilation

OSP Survey

  • Site / OSP Route Survey Readiness

  • Site / OSP Route Survey back support & Admin

  • Site / OSP Route Survey Data Compilation

Project Dashboards

  • Project Management Dashboard Setup (Single Page)