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SIT Digital International Inc. is an Engineering Competence Center and market leader in digital solutions globally. SIT established in 2010 by an innovative passive network consultancy group. SIT is partner with ESRI, Microsoft and other players in our domain.

SIT ensure high quality innovative services, products and solutions with its professional, experienced and motivated teams. SIT provides wide range of digital services in our area of expertise, especially in GIS based OSP Engineering.

SIT teams believe in knowledge harvesting and leverage our customers with our multiple continent experience with tens of utility operators especially in Telecom, Electricity, Gas and Water.

We are the consultant of consultants, enabling business from hidden components within the customer Inventory Systems. We believe on tools and techniques, where this becomes our strength in the grooming of SIT Digital.

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Why OSP Network Owners Prefer GIS based inventory?

GIS plays an extremely important role in the telecoms and network services. It is used in planning , collecting, analyzing and storing complex network designs that needed to come up with a working architecture in the field of telecoms. some highlights are below:

  • GIS uses vector data so mathematical analysis is enabled

  • GIS data occupies less storage space with respect to non GIS files

  • GIS data enables to have reports, dashboards, portals and much more.

  • GIS data can be integrated with mobile applications and to collect field data directly into the database.

  • Automation is possible in GIS data and to save time in terms of planning and design.

5 Dimensional Informatics

Experience Profile

SIT Digital Carry rich experience in Planning, Design and GIS Inventory domain, we had served more than 20 major operators in the globe directly and via turnkey vendors. Our engagements cover USA, Canada, Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Australia geographies. we have done several projects related to:

  • GIS Inventory Establishment

  • Non GIS to GIS data migration

  • FTTH Planning & design

  • Fiber operations

  • Land base development and codifications

  • Fiber and Electric Utility Operations Support, Meter reading and network audit and integrated surveys.